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Quote1 My name's Norman Osborn. This is my office you trashed and my people you smacked around. Would you like to have a drink and talk about it? Quote2
Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Running the Asylum (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Running the Asylum (Part 1)"

The Thunderbolts fought Swam in Denver and Norman asked Moonstone to deliver psych profiles on their teammates, as they fought the enemy. Norman ordered Venom to be released, leading to the latter defeating Swarm. Afterwards, Norman lashed out at the team before Moonstone delivered her "final psych profile", which was on him.

Several days later, at Thunderbolts Mountain, Moonstone told Norman that they had a situation involving Swordsman and his sister, who had been resurrected by an outside contractor. After the Thunderbolts ran tests on her, they learned that she was a clone of Andrea Strucker. She claimed that she had no memory of getting there, claiming as if she woke up on the road leading to their mountain. Andreas agreed with Norman that he and his sister would stay in confinement with armed guards while he completed his contract. Then, Norman and Moonstone suspected that Swordsman could have purposely failed to apprehend Arnim Zola before showing up with a clone of his sister and the director searched for a reason to move against the Struckers.

In the Swordsman's quarters, Andrea told Andreas that she was disappointed in him for "bowing and scraping to a lout like Osborn", although the latter sibling claimed that he did it to get her back. In Norman's office, he accused Swordsman of letting Arnim Zola go free to be his outside contractor. Norman allowed Andrea to stay, but going nowhere except under guard and only confined to Andreas' quarters when he was gone, which the latter Strucker agreed to. Then, they realized they were in lockdown before they were attacked by Captain Marvel. Songbird attempted to calm him down before Bullseye attacked him. As Radioactive Man attempted to test Captain Marvel's limits, he was shocked. Then, Captain Marvel grabbed Swordsman before Norman insisted that he was not really Captain Marvel before offering to have a drink and talk.

Solicit Synopsis

SECRET INVASION strikes Thunderbolts Mountain as Captain Marvel attacks! But when you're dealing with the Thunderbolts, it's never quite clear who's the villain and who's the hero... Also, another unexpected visitor shows up, threatening to tear the T-Bolts apart from within! Can Norman Osborn hold his team of damaged psyches and tortured souls together, or is this the end of the Thunderbolts as we know them? Part 1 of 4.


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