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Synopsis for 1st story

Songbird uses her sonic powers to break free from Bullseye’s grip, but her sonic harness is damaged and she is wounded in the process. She retreats into the service ducts, and Moonstone tells Bullseye to regroup then sends Venom after her.

Moonstone tries to draw Songbird out, but Melissa is able to make it onto the Zeus and turns the ship’s weapons on Moonstone and Bullseye. Bullseye recovers enough to leap onto the Zeus while Venom rips his way through the hull, causing Songbird to lose control of the ship as she fends off the symbiote’s attack. The Zeus goes down in the woods outside the Thunderbolts’ base.

Venom is incapacitated in the crash, but Bullseye gets the drop on Songbird. Before he can strike, however, he is blasted by Swordsman. Swordsman then uses his power to destroy the Zeus and tells Songbird he will tell the others she died in the explosion. As Songbird flies away, Swordsman warns her that a dark reign is coming.

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