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Quote1.png We're calling it H.A.M.M.E.R. I think it gets the message across ... That this time, we're taking no prisoners. Quote2.png
Norman Osborn

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  • Andy D (pilot)




  • Air Force One

Synopsis for 1st story

Norman Osborn joins President Obama on Air Force One to discuss the new president’s concerns about accusations that have recently been leveled against Osborn. As Norman asks for more information, the President leads Osborn into his office, where Dr. Leonard Samson awaits. Samson tells the two men that he has brought with him video evidence of what he calls the “Massacre at Thunderbolts Mountain”.

Samson tells the President that before the Skrull invasion, Osborn suffered a psychotic break and murdered a number of Thunderbolts security personnel. Osborn refutes this with the official record, which states that the facility was attacked by psychics that altered witnesses’ memories. He asserts that Samson can’t be trusted because he, in fact, breached the Thunderbolts’ security during his therapy sessions with Penance and attacked Moonstone when he was confronted. The President requests to view the security footage to settle the matter. Osborn agrees, but surreptitiously presses a button on his cufflink.

Suddenly, the fighter jets escorting Air Force One are shot out of the sky. Four additional missiles headed for the plane detonate harmlessly in mid-air, but before Air Force One’s pilot can celebrate, his co-pilot shoots him with a poison dart and reveals herself to be Yelena Belova, who Osborn recently recruited to join the Thunderbolts as field leader. Black Widow then activates smoke decoys on the plane’s engines to give the appearance that they are going down. She radios to the crew to prepare for a crash landing.

The remaining Thunderbolts proceed to make their moves as well: Ant-Man emerges from Black Widow’s wardrobe and plants a gamma emitter on Doc Samson’s neck that causes Samson’s rage to spike, while Ghost ambushes a Secret Service agent and takes possession of the disk containing the Thunderbolts Mountain security cam footage. As Osborn, Samson, and the President barricade themselves in a secure compartment, Air Force One’s hull explodes and reveals the “mastermind” of the attack: a cackling Green Goblin.


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