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Quote1 So much for downtime... Man, our glorious leader is killin' my buzz. Quote2

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Air Force One
  • Marine One

Synopsis for 1st story

The Green Goblin has breached Air Force One in mid-air. The Secret Service attempts to get the President to an escape pod, but Dr. Leonard Samson - thanks to a gamma emitter secretly planted on him by Ant-Man - begins to hulk out and attack the agents in a rage.

The Goblin reaches the group and tells Samson he can take it from here. He uses a neural scrambler to disable the President and the Secret Service agents, but Norman Osborn and Samson are unaffected. Osborn - clearly in league with the Goblin - orders Ghost to attack. Ghost grabs Samson and phases them both through the lower hull of Air Force One, leaving an intangible Ghost floating in mid-air as Samson plummets to earth.

Ant-Man revives the President in time to witness Osborn and the Goblin staging a fight. Osborn gains the upper hand and throws the Goblin out of the plane, officially ending the manufactured threat. As the Goblin falls, he turns on a device given to him by Osborn that stops his momentum. Calling himself Headsman, he radios that he is ready for pickup. He is collected by an aircraft piloted by Ghost and Paladin.

Osborn and the President strap in as Black Widow guides Air Force One into a crash landing on a glacier. Shortly after, Osborn’s H.A.M.M.E.R. team arrives. Osborn orders them to collect the President, sweep the plane for Green Goblin’s D.N.A., and put out a warrant for Samson’s arrest.

Elsewhere, Songbird catches news coverage of the attack on a T.V. in a homeless encampment. She muses that someone needs to step up and stop Norman Osborn.

The full new Thunderbolts team - Black Widow, Ghost, Headsman, Paladin, and Ant-Man - arrives at their new headquarters, The Cube. Widow says they have intel that their next target is planning to go after Norman Osborn at Avengers Tower. That target? Deadpool.

Solicit Synopsis

The Green Goblin vs. the President of the United States! It's terror at 10,000 feet when Spider-Man's fearsome foe hurls pumpkin bombs at a special target: the new President! Just what is Norman Osborn up to... and who in the world are the new Thunderbolts? A Dark Reign is falling... be there as the new team of Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre present "Hammer Down" Part II!

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