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Quote1.png Wait a second. You're tellin' me Norman Osborn found the cure for' he turned it into a weapon? Quote2.png
-- Paladin

Appearing in "Magnum Opus, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Magnum Opus, Part 2"

Deadpool’s one-man assault on Avengers Tower has hit a snag - the Thunderbolts are there to greet him, and Norman Osborn is nowhere to be found. Deadpool is able to fend off each member of the team and uses a teleportation device from Osborn’s lab to escape.

At his hideout in New Jersey, Deadpool sets up a meeting with an unknown associate to discuss bringing them in on his plans to take Osborn down.

The Thunderbolts get a dressing down from Osborn - appearing holographically on the Thunderstrike - for not taking care of Deadpool more quietly. Osborn is relieved that Deadpool took the teleporter as they had planned, and Ant-Man confirms that he placed a micro-tracer on him during their encounter and that the team is en route to his location. The Thunderbolts’ plan is for Ghost to download data Osborn needs from Deadpool’s computer, then to take Deadpool out permanently.

The team arrives at Deadpool’s hideout. Black Widow sets teleportation blockers all around the building, then takes position at the only exit point with a sniper rifle loaded with ammunition that will counter Deadpool’s healing factor. The rest of the Thunderbolts storm the warehouse, but are quickly overwhelmed. Just as Black Widow realizes they’ve been led into a trap, Deadpool appears beside her with a gun to her head. But Deadpool can’t pull the trigger - it turns out he has a crush on Yelena.

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