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Quote1.png Sh-shot through the heart... AND YOU'RE TO BLAME! Awww, you give love -- a bad name! Daww dawww dada dada dawww dawwww. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Magnum Opus, Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Magnum Opus, Part 4"

The Taskmaster (dressed as Deadpool) was captured and rendered unconscious by the Thunderbolts. Norman Osborn arrives and asks for Deadpool's head. When the Headsman is about to strike, the real Deadpool arrives and defeats the Thunderbolts with ease. Osborn takes off in the Thunderstrike, but Deadpool jumps aboard. Black Widow (Yelena Belova) secures her grapple line to the plane as well and is dragged behind. Deadpool shoots Osborn, but Norman goes into a Goblin-like rage and gets the better of him. In the process, though, he loses control of the Thunderstrike, and it crashes in Central Park. Deadpool gets to his feet first and takes aim at Osborn, but Black Widow appears and shoots Deadpool trough the heart. As Wilson sings some situation-appropriate Bon Jovi, the Headsman arrives and cuts Deadpool's head off with his axe. Osborn then orders him to burn the head. Some time later, Deadpool - head and all - is at an ATM with Taskmaster using Osborn's credit card to make a withdrawal. When Wilson finds out that Taskmaster wasn't the one who put his head back on, he realizes that it was Belova and that she had feelings for him after all.

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