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Synopsis for 1st story

Mister X is dreaming of killing both Wolverine and Iron Fist. He is rudely awoken when he senses the Ghost nearby. He attempts to retaliate, but his weapons pass right through him. Ghost apologizes for intruding and explains that he was just observing. He could tell that X was ticked off that Iron Fist and Luke Cage escaped and thus, Osborn hasn't given the Thunderbolts a mission in days. He asks how long can a ruthless killing machine go without making a kill. Mr. X yells at Ghost to get out.

Four hours later, Paladin joins Ant-Man in watching TV. However, the screen is shot at by Scourge, who informs them that Mr. X has escaped through the teleporter to the Venezuela/Colombia border, where he takes his killing drive on hapless guerrillas, killing each one in his own fashion. The other Thunderbolts attempt to catch up but they are also attacked. After killing their attackers, they split up to cover more ground. Scourge then starts imagining that his soldiers are calling towards him.

Elsewhere, Headsman hears what seems to be X's voice saying he'll kill him, while is actually Ghost. He then attacks X but is outclassed and nearly killed by his own axe had Scourge not arrive. The other Thunderbolts hope that they will kill each other. Headsman takes the advantage to attack, only to slash Scourge across the chest. He gets angry only for the Colonians to stat attacking them. The Thunderbolts then lay out the heavy weapons, massacring the guerrillas. They are then evaced by the a H.A.M.M.E.R. aircraft. En route back to the Cube, Osborn directly communicates to the team. He opens deduces that someone (implied to be the Ghost), had allowed Mr. X to escape. His motives might by to kill off some of the team or bond as a unit for his own agenda. However, right now, their current mission is to eliminate the Agents of Atlas.

Solicit Synopsis

The blood hits the fan in the first issue by new writer Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS)! It's been too long since Mr. X has killed, and he needs his next fix! Ghost has taken notice, and sees an opportunity…while Scourge is seeing things that no one should! Add in the selfish intentions of Paladin and Ant-Man, stir with a stick of dynamite and…BOOM! You’ve heard raves about Parker’s ATLAS (heroes pretending to be villains)…but now it’s time to let him loose on some real fiends!


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Siege: Thunderbolts
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