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Quote1.png What happened is a landmark in my career, Scourge. I...just killed...a god. Quote2.png
Mr. X

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As the Thunderbolts prepare to depart for Asgard, which Osborn is besieging, Ant-Man runs up to Paladin to express his concerns over going up against gods, and that Osborn doesn't know about Scourge killing Headsman. Paladin points out that Scourge didn't shoot him and he doesn't care. As they get onto Zeus, a message from Osborn tells them that they are to steal the Spear of Odin form Asgard's armory, which apparently has no magical safeguard, unlike Thor's Mjolnir, and deliver it to him.

Meanwhile, right in Asgard, Ghost materializes, having failed to kill Tony Stark. He then intercepts Osborn's transmission and realizes that Osborn has staged the Soldier Field incident. Knowing that Scourge would not question the mission, Ghost attempts to contact anyone who could stop the Thunderbolts. However, he can't get hold of Stark, break through the Baxter Building's firewalls or access the offline Cerebra. Therefore, he sends the message to Amadeus Cho, who contacts U.S. Agent.

Above Asgard, Zeus approaches, only to be shot out of the air by an Asgardian bowman. The Thunderbolts barely manage to parachute from it in time. As soon as they land, Scourge reprimands Paladin for second-guessing him and losing his helmet. Paladin shoots back that there wasn't time to grab it and they aren't the army. Scourge points out that they are on a federal mission and refuses to tolerate anymore insubordination, citing Headsman and Ghost being AWOL; Mr. X clarifies that he shot Headsman and accuses him of being unstable. Scourge doesn't take well to such an accusation and pulls a gun; X dares him to do it, if it is to prove how psycho he is. Grizzly breaks it all off by asking everyone to help him open the doors to the armory, which leads straight to the treasury. X helps himself to a shield and chain, while the others, except Scourge, help themselves to Asgardian gold. Scourge, refusing to risk anymore insubordination, fires at Paladin, reminding him that the job is not about money. But the mercenary says that they only reason he is on the Thunderbolts is because it pays, unlike Scourge, who lives to kill. They then open the box where the spear is.

Unfortunately, their yelling has attracted the attention of an Asgardian guard, who intends to kill them for burglary. X manages to kill the guard by stabbing him in the back of the neck. The other Thunderbolts (except Scourge) are shocked at what just happened. But just to brighten their day even further, the Mighty Avengers crash in.

Solicit Synopsis

Norman Osborn has unleashed his team of psycho killers and ordered them to the site of the biggest battle they will ever face: Asgard! Standing in their way are the Mighty Avengers. An epic clash begins here with no-holds-barred action. There will be blood!


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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