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Quote1.png You think you're a patriot?! You think you can wrap yourself in the flag -- and justify your madness?! You're everything that's wrong! You're the American nightmare! Quote2.png
U.S. Agent

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The Mighty Avengers surprise the Thunderbolts. U.S. Agent tangles with Grizzly declaring that their actions are not sanctioned by the U.S. government. Grizzly responds by throwing the "Captain America copy" at Stature, hitting her in the stomach. Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho faces with Mr. X, informing his teammates that both him and Scourge, aka Nuke, are the main factors to take out. Cho personally mocks X's use of telepathy to anticipate attacks; X snaps that he has a death wish and brags that he just killed a god. Refusing to hear anymore about dying gods, Cho throws a quiver of arrows at an arch. Using his hypermind, he makes sure that the arrows ricochet precisely. X tries his bests to avoids the hailstorm of arrows, unable to understand Cho's way of thinking, before he is hit in the leg by an arrow.

Scourge grabs Ant-Man, tells him to fight Stature. With no choice, Ant-Man grows to giant size nad tackles Stature, while trying to hit on her, resulting in a very big kick lifting him off.

Meanwhile, Paladin closes the doors to the armor. However, that doesn't stops the Vision from phasing through. The android attempts to appeal to the mercenary, reminding him that he worked with the Avengers in the past and had a code of honor. Unfortunately, Paladin grabs the Spear of Odin and throws it. It passes through Vision's incorporeal form, before destroying the building it was thrown from and hitting a tower. Stature is shocked at its awesome powers; Cho is amazed that that it's the spear of its namesake, the father of the Asgardians; U.S. Agent considers them false idols, but agrees that they must stop it from reaching Osborn. Then out of the nowhere, Scourge kicks down guys, while Vision suffers systems problems from the spear's attack. As Stature increases in height, Grizzly grabs her ankle and throws her off the tower. Ant-Man and Paladin see this, before running to get the spear before X or Scourge do. Stature retaliates by through a statue on Grizzly, which she managed to lift by pushing her growth limit. Scourge attempts to take a shot at her, only for U.S. Agent to intervene. He holsters his gun to take Scourge on, one-on-one. During their tangle, U.S. Agent kicks off Scourge's mask, reveals his painted face resembling the American flag; he calls the cyborg an "unholy freak". Scourge punches back, defending that he's a patriot and a defender of the American Dream in the name of Osborn. U.S. Agent, regretting supporting Osborn himself, furiously fights back, declaring that monsters like Scourge are the American nightmare and what's wrong with the nation. Scourge attempts to take a pill to give himself a boost; U.S. Agent mocks him for being a junkie and punches himself into a cauldron of fire.

Meanwhile, Cho goes to check up on vision and give him repairs. He then notices a big flash and evil tendrils and comments it may be the end of the world. Ghost then, appears, agreeing with him.

Back in the armory, X manages to pull the arrow from his leg and declares that everyone is going to die for this.

Ant-Man is about to grab the spear when Stature snatches his legs, thinking that he's working for Osborn. Ant-Man screams that they must keep it away from his boss so he can't get his hands on it. Paladins manages to grab the spear, only for U.S. Agent to surprise him and catching it. Paladin concedes defeats and urges his opponents to get out of Asgard. At first, U.S. Agent presumes it to be some trick, before the Sentry levels Asgard. The Thunderbolts and Avengers try avoid being hit by rubble; Ant-Man and Stature shrink down. U.S. Agent then recovers before seeing the spear's glow. Unfortunately, Scourge has grasped it and uses it to slice off his left limbs.

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! As the Mighty Avengers clash with the Thunderbolts in the Siege of Asgard, surprises abound. What are everyone’s true motivations, and when push comes to punch, where do their loyalties lie? Will this most twisted version of the team produce any heroes— or will the Thunderbolts’ tradition of redemption get stomped into the muddy battlefield that is The Siege?


  • Takes place during the events of Siege #3.
  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Siege: Thunderbolts
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