Quote1.png Man-Thing. It has a natural connection with a convergence point of time and space. Hank Pym made an implant we can use to 'steer' the creature. It can open a portal for us to anywhere in the world. Just don't touch it. Quote2.png
-- Songbird

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Synopsis for "Field Test"

Baron Zemo has incapacitated Cage, MACH-V and Songbird. He tells the Thunderbolts that they can serve under him, if they are willing to escape the Raft. Though Crossbones is more than willing to oblige, the Juggernaut leaps into the water. Insulted, Zemo orders Moonstone to destroy him, only for her to pick him, asking outloud why would she take orders from him. In response, Zemo blasts her. He then turns to Ghost, demanding that he make a choice. Ghost only says that he's "unconvinced" by this scenario and goes intangible to avoid being blasted. The same can't be said by Moonstone, who fails to go intangible as well. Crossbones screams at them that they are having a breakout. Ghost corrects, this was in fact a test. His suit's sensors determine that Cage and his compatriots have normal pulses, meaning they bit on chemical capsules. Getting up, Cage dispatches MACH-V to retrieve Juggernaut, trying to keep his bulk above the water, before their toxic jellyfish get to him. Crossbone, bringing up his gun, screams that this was a setup. Zemo, revealed to be Fixer, explains this was actually a test of their new nanite system. Each prisoner has been processed with microbots, enabling their jailers to incapacitate any of them at any time, regardless of the range. Also, they placed additional nanites on Moonstone's cortex, preventing her from going intangible. Juggernaut on the otherhand, doesn't need extra nanites, for he has decreased in power due to Cytorakk becoming enraged with his bonding with the Enigma Force. In response, Juggernaut attempts to run Cage down, only for him to push a button, sending Juggernaut's head crashing into the ground. Ghost concludes that they are under control. Cage confirms it, for even his intangibility suit is wired. He shouts at his team that they are not getting special treatment and if it were up to him, he wouldn't have pick any one of them for this. He then orders them back to the Raft, for their first mission is tomorrow; Songbird compliments Fixer's impression of Zemo..

Cage walks with Fixer through the Raft's infirmary, where he meets with the warden, John Walker, the U.S. Agent, who has been fitted with a prosthetic arm and stuck in a wheelchair. As Cage excuses himself to return home to his wife, Fixer reminds Walker that he still can fit him with more advanced cybernetics, to which he is refused. Walker doesn't want to become just like Nuke, the man who put him in this position. Speaking of which, a doctor asks if he can try a treatment to bring Nuke out of his coma but Walker says that such methods are better suited for people with better chance of reform.

Next morning, Cage debriefs the Thunderbolts. There are about three trolls that have escaped from Asgard since its fall and have gone on a killing spree. Their transportation, Man-Thing, has been fitted with an implant developed by Hank Pym that can allow them to use the creature to teleport anywhere. As soon as they arrive at their destination, they are immediately attacked by the trolls. As Juggernaut and Moonstone give chase, Ghost and Crossbones check out a third trolls moving away from the others while Songbird keeps an eye on Man-Thing. Juggernaut tries mowing down trees, only to learn the hard way that the trolls are adept in the forest. Cage punches one, only to be slammed into the ground by another. Songbird attempts to corral them with a sound barrier but they easily punch through. Moonstone is able to pin them down with a tree. Unfortunately, Juggernaut starts charging, causing a massive explosion. Meanwhile, Crossbones and Ghost are attack by something not a troll, but a girl in troll skin, armed with an axe.

Solicit Synopsis

Special Post-SIEGE issue – that introduces a brand-new character! When a magical landmark like Asgard crashes to Earth, the fallout doesn’t end just by sweeping up the wreckage. This historic disaster has unleashed unprecedented threats, and one of them is pillaging the American Midwest! This sounds like the perfect mission for Luke Cage’s untested team of incarcerated superhumans—and while the newly assembled Thunderbolts boast the power of Juggernaut, Ghost, Moonstone, Crossbones and Man-Thing, are even they ready to handle the girl known only as…Troll?


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Thunderbolts: Cage.


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