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Luke Cage

Appearing in "Scared Straight, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Scared Straight, Part 2"

Hank Pym has brought in his students from the Avengers Academy to the Raft to keep them on the right path. Flashing back to sometime earlier, Crossbones, Ghost (possessing MACH-V) and Man-Thing are the only ones standing between their fellow Thunderbolts and the mutated S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They are quickly able to kill all the mutates, but Crossbones accidentally slips too close to the Terrigen crystals. Once they seal the cave, they return to the Raft, where every team members undergoes a checkup: Crossbones hasn't been mutated and MACH-V will be out for a couple of weeks. Fixer then calls Cage to inform him that Pym and his students have arrived.

After getting Thunderbolts introduced to the students, the prison's power grid suddenly shut down due to an EMP, allowing the Raft's inmates to escape. John Walker amazingly dispatches two escapees who thought him helpless; the Juggernaut tricks Blood Brother and Grey Gargoyle into attempting to escape, only for them to be paralyzed by the large jellyfish; Songbird holds off the female inmates, before Gunna came to aid; Cage personally confronts the Purple Man and various other villains under his control. He personally headbutts Purple Man after telling him that his mind control doesn't work on him because of the nanites in his brain.

The Raft is soon secured and all escapes foiled. Some of Pym's students attempted to get to Osborn, so Cage reprimands them.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring the Avengers Academy! A scared-straight visit from the next generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes goes horribly wrong and Luke Cage isn't sure which of his Thunderbolts he can count on to regain control of The Raft! Also, can Cage keep objective when he realizes one of the prisoners is the man who once controlled his wife: the sinister Purple Man? Find out in the latest chapter of the book that ToyFare magazine says “can’t not be awesome”!


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