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Quote1.png Looks like I'll soon by the only Thunderbolt left. What? You don't judge me, snotpile. I'm King Hyperion! Quote2.png
King Hyperion

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  • Giant monsters

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Thunderbolts have taken on a new charge: Hyperion. The problem is, they are uncertain whether they have the one from the dimension where he's good or the one where he's a menace. Nonetheless, they need him to take down a bunch of monsters that were left by M.O.D.O.K. and Leader in the event that they were beaten. But as soon as the team is away, Fixer radios someone, saying that it's a perfect time to perform a scan.

The Thunderbolts encounter the monsters outside of Yokohama, Japan. Hyperion quickly flies off to deal with their foes. After being blasted down by a fire-breathing pterodactyl monster, the Thunderbolts split to down each individual monsters. But one-by-one, the Thunderbolts are felled. Hyperion then revels at being the only survivor and then betrays the team, unleashing his atomic eyebeams on Man-Thing.

Solicit Synopsis

The T-Bolts leap into HULK’s “Scorched Earth”! At the request of Steve Rogers, Luke Cage must take his hardened team to deal with a doomsday scenario unleashed in the pages of HULK! And now that the squad is a man short, Cage finally uses his power to recruit another prisoner to duty—and his pick will shock you! Will the Thunderbolts accept this new member as a part of their force? Or will this heavy duty wild card destroy the balance of power? Find out in the series that’s Best Shots calls “The Avengers title that not enough people are raving about…it's one of the best of the bunch.”


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Thunderbolts.

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