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Coward. Can't have one of these on the team. You shouldn't know fear, Hyperion. Because whoever knows fear...
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...Burns at the touch of the Man-Thing.
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Appearing in 1st story

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  • Unnamed prisoners
  • Unnamed monsters

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Synopsis for 1st story

At the Raft, trio of male prisoners tease Gunna from behind the forcefield separating the men's courtyard from the women's. Gunna tries pouncing on them, only for the forcefield to block her way. Warden Walker and the prison guards show up to diffuse the situation and discipline the prisoners. Once it is settled, one of the guards confides in Walker that Gunna is too powerful for a juvenile facility but too young for the Raft.

Back in Japan, Hyperion snags Songbird's comlink and doesn't help save her and Moonstone, forcing Juggernaut to save them. While the latter goes to deal with Hyperion, Ghost applies CPR to his female teammates. However, Hyperion plays around with him, using Juggernaut's nanites against him.

Meanwhile, Cage and MACH-V escape from the maw of one of the monsters. They soon receive a radio communication from Ghost, who has determined that the monsters can be controlled by sound. Songbird applies her sonic powers to send the remaining monsters away from Japan.

Back with the fight with Hyperion, Moonstone joins Juggernaut. The Ghost manages to retrieve Songbird's comlink and used it to activate the Thunderbolt's nanite countermeasure: a high dose of Argonite radiation to the spine. The Thunderbolts then savagely beat Hyperion. The final touch is applied with Man-Thing's burning touch.

Solicit Synopsis

HULK’s “Scorched Earth” program hits the T-Bolts – forcing the newest addition to the team to reveal their true colors! It looks like one prisoner will be walking away with no nanite controls and no chance of recapture...unless Juggernaut has something to say about it! It’s monsters, mayhem and more wicked twists in the series that crowns “a must-read book each month.”


  • This story is reprinted in Shadowland: Thunderbolts.

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