Quote1 You've already reviewed our capabilities, figured out complimentary skill-sets. Most importantly, how to keep each of us in check -- nanites or otherwise. Please don't be upset with me. My intellect and problem-solving nature are what make of value for this endeavor. I wouldn't make a very good genius if I couldn't figure out when you're gaming the system now, would I? Quote2
-- Centurius

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  • Dirae
  • Ghosts of WWI German soldiers

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Solicit Synopsis

Lines are drawn and secrets are revealed as the dark PROVING GROUND sets off. The Raft is full of action as candidates vie for selection on the second squad of Thunderbolts, BETA TEAM! The main team isn't too happy about Warden Walker's initiative to expand their ranks, but even they are curious: out of the Marvel Universe vast pool of powerhouse criminals, who will make the cut? Many are called, but in this issue few are chosen!

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