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Just as Hyde begins to rampage at Thunderbolts headquarters, he unexpectedly reverts back to Calvin Zabo. Songbird explains that he’s been implanted with special nanites that can trigger the transformation back to human form whenever he loses control.

In Stuttgart, Satana unleashes a magical attack but, contrary to the fears of her teammates, it’s aimed at their enemies. With the room cleansed of magical forces, the Thunderbolts make their way into the turret to apprehend the instigator Gothenvald, but he unleashes a magical beast that paralyzes the team by making each member’s deepest fears come to life. With Satana’s help this creature is overcome too, and Gothenvald teleports his castle away to bide his time. Cage is upset at Juggernaut who grew insubordinate after being confronted by his fears of rejection.

Even before they return, a situation arises in Iraq that requires the Thunderbolts’s attention, so the untested B-team is sent to deal with an uprising of zombies there. The rest of the A-team arrives soon after to help them fight, but they are confronted by an overwhelming horde of zombies. As Boomerang gets dragged under the sand by zombies, Moonstone decries her new teammates as “Underbolts.”

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Eastern Europe. Castles. Witches. Werewolves. Satana is having interesting effects on her team members, The Thunderbolts – and now the daughter of Satan will lead them into the Occult! Back in the states, Songbird takes her initial crew of NEXT Thunderbolts out to see how they work together. Hint: It's not a good time to be in charge of Thunderbolts teams...


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