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A vicious Troll saves Boomerang from the zombies and leaps with him back onto land. Shocker is also quickly swarmed, but Centurious refuses to help him because he’s puzzling out the nature of the zombies. Satana unleashes a magical attack that corrals the zombies.

Back at the Raft, Juggernaut works out his anger at being sidelined in the gym, with voices of paranoia and self-doubt in his mind, when something slams into the Raft from outer space, causing a massive explosion. In its wake Juggernaut finds the hammer sent by the Asgardian Serpent, and picks it up.

In Iraq, the zombies begin pushing past Satana’s magic barrier, indicating they are not powered by magic. Centurious has analyzed one of them carefully and learned that it is an airborne spore that attaches itself to corpses, and is activated by a signal emanating from a nearby obelisk. As they destroy it, the team learns of the attack at the Raft.

Criminals began escaping through the rubble of the raft, and they realize the explosion was caused by a powered-up Juggernaut. A large number are able to board a transport helicopter and leave. Others are re-captured when the Thunderbolts return. Centurious and the other new recruits contemplates where their loyalties lie. With Cage missing, Songbird says their objective is to regain control of the Raft.

Solicit Synopsis

When the Fear Itself hammer falls, The Raft is razed by one of its most powerful prisoners with a newfound weapon of the gods! Now the Thunderbolts will begin to learn the true meaning of FEAR ITSELF! Frank Tieri, Jen Van Meter & Joe Caramanga join series writer Jeff Parker to give us all sides of the story as the Thunderbolts try to hold themselves and their world together against the tide of anarchy!


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