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Synopsis for "End of a Circle"

With most of the Thunderbolts having disappeared after the battle of Chicago, Luke Cage, MACH-V, Songbird and Ghost are searching for a way to bring them back. They found one of Satana's hideaways and engage its guardians, Balor. Ghost manages to get rid of him by passing through the portal he was guarding, reasoning that the guardian would disappear if it failed its duty. While MACH-V goes to check out some readings in Austria, the others go venturing into the lair, they discover a river of souls and take a boat across it. Suddenly, they come to a stop and the trio suddenly fall asleep.

Songbird, in particular, lets her hand touch the water. When it seems like she wakes up, she finds herself in her Screaming Mimi costume, just as Baron Zemo forms the Thunderbolts. She then began reflecting on the history of the Thunderbolts. Her dream then shifts and she encounters MACH-V. They kiss but then suddenly he changes into Zemo and then his face is torn apart.

Back in reality, Cage and Ghost are scrambling to get Songbird to safety. She wakes up and they explain what happened to her. Cage tells her rest and they get aboard the Quinjet. They go to Austria, where MACH-V had found the Thunderbolts Tower transmitter, which Ghost determines to have been lying there for 68 years.

Returning to Avengers Mansion, Songbird describes her experience in the cave and theorizes that the bodies in the water were people who were trapped in their own past memories and never got out. The conversation switches to the thought that the Thunderbolts are in the past and they wonder if they screwed anything up. They are then interrupted by Spider-Man, announcing that Valkyrie has arrived in response to the Raft's destruction. Songbird and Cage go out and inform her of the Thunderbolts, Troll included, being lost in the timestream. However, Valkyrie draws her sword, revealing that it's glowing. She explains that Troll's axe is Asgardian made, which can give off a powerful wave that they can track in any space... or time.

Solicit Synopsis

JUSTICE – LIKE LIGHTNING! As Songbird readies the hunt for the escaped Thunderbolts, she must present their history to the mysterious forces that guide the raft – but those forces have more devious plans for these former Masters of Evil!

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