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-- Citizen V

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Synopsis for "Days of Yore"

The Thunderbolts have been thrown into the dungeons of Camelot. At first, it seems like there's no chance of escape without a key, until Ghost turns up, holding it.

Meanwhile, the Black Knight goes down into the dungeons to find out how the Thunderbolts cast the lightning that stole his sword.

Ghost shows the Thunderbolts Merlin's magic portals, one which leads to his observatory. Fixer finds a makeshift periscope, where he spots Merlin, King Arthur and Gawain attempting to break into Thunderbolts Tower. While Troll reclaims her axe, Satana becomes intrigued with Merlin's crystal ball, said to see the future or reach the dead. However, Fixer warns them that Arthur is going to use Excalibur to break into the tower and spill out the Nexus of Reality swamp water. Moonstone flies out the stop him, only to alert the dragon sitting on top of the observatory, which knocks her down. Their trespass is detected by Merlin, who stops Arthur before he can strike. Arthur then sends a warning to the Knights of the Round Table. At the same time, Moonstone crashes into the room where Lancelot and Guinevere are making love. She quickly casts Lancelot aside before telling Guinevere to put some clothes on.

Fixer tells Satana that they have to go. Just as she turns to leave, she sees an image of a younger Fixer in peril. The Thunderbolts then try to escape Camelot. The Black Knight confronts Boomerang, only for him to release the demons imprisoned in the dungeons. Though he thought they just wanted to be free, the demons start a rampage for blood. They all then spot Troll riding the dragon, which they use to return to the tower. However, Satana spots Merlin disguised as a rock. However, the wizard has no intention of opposing them, merely to allow them to go their way, having learned they were from the future from the crystal Satana touched. He explains that Camelot has fallen into decadence, its only desire is to seek the Holy Grail. Eventually, Mordred would destroy the kingdom, but accidentally unleashed the beasts upon himself, which would've happened if not for Boomerang.

He then asks how they came here. The Thunderbolts go on to explain the mix of science and sorcery that caused them to go back in time. Merlin recognizes something in the formula and his staff says that Moonstone's moonstone can help.

By the time Arthur and his men has repelled the demons, the Thunderbolts and their tower vanish. But now their next destination is in their own past, as they are challenged by a past iteration of the Thunderbolts.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Thunderbolts vs. King Arthur’s Court, winner take all! • Fixer discovers a terrible secret! • The Lead-up to the Thunderbolts Event of the year continues here!

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