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Synopsis for "Chasing Your Own Tail!"

The Thunderbolts investigate Zemo's castle and find that Cyclone and the Maggia, along with a legion of Protoids (human civilians who have been mutated by Arnim Zola) have beaten them there. While Cyclone escapes in the conflict, Ogre is able to use a device to restore the protoids to a human state. Meanwhile: Moonstone breaks into Reed Richards' lab, best-selling author Andrea Sterman visits the former superhero Windshear to see if he could have had an unwitting hand in a recent murder, and a young Latverian girl who is on her way to fetch a pail of water finds Citizen V washed up on the shore and seemingly drowned. Back at Zemo's castle, Mach-2 informs the rest of the Thunderbolts that he has received an emergency broadcast and Atlas, Wonder Man, and an ionically-supercharged Nefaria are currently in the midst of killing the Avengers.


  • The last page of this issue, shows Nefaria severely beating the Avengers. This story, and the Thunderbolts involvement with Nefaria, will continue in Avengers, Vol 3, Vol 1 33.


  • Although Captain America is shown in uniform twice this issue, his distinctive shield is not.

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