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Synopsis for "Becoming Heroes 1 - Moving Targets"

Hawkeye's Thunderbolts team apprehends Cyclone and the CD he wad carrying containing Justin Hammer's legacy weapon. However, they are soon ambushed by the Masters of Evil and Plantman is captured. Hawkeye and Songbird rescue him and reveal to the villains that, before he died, Justin Hammer planted a miniaturized timebomb inside each of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye offers them the chance to live if they join the Thunderbolts and -- with the exception of the Machinesmith who has been incapacitated -- each of the villains reluctantly agrees. That evening, at the Thunderbolts base, Hawkeye writes a letter to Karla Sofen, who died along with many other Thunderbolts in a recent battle with Graviton, explaining how he believes that his new recruits are capable of putting their villainous pasts behind them, much like he himself has. He's interrupted by Songbird, he tells him that the new team is ready, complete with new costumes and codenames. Hawkeye burns the letter and greets his new team.

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