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Quote1.png You want Mercy to attack the ship? Just make sure it's the biggest pit of despair around. Every life-form on that ship needs to wish for death. Quote2.png
Red Leader

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  • Numerous spaceships of Thanos' army (Destruction of several)
  • Thunderbolts' sub (Mentioned)

Synopsis for 1st story

Red Hulk charges through the streets of New York, shouting at Red Leader to keep up and sarcastically asking if he has to carry him. Red Leader is still reeling from Supergiant's attack, which damaged his brain and prevents him from thinking properly. Upon hearing this Red Hulk snaps that if Sterns can't think of a way to stop Mercy than he's useless; while Mercy hovers over the city and fires beams of energy that annihilate the terrified New Yorkers. Thanos's flagship attacks the city, and Red Hulk asks for a plan to take it out. Sterns protests that his brain is falling apart and that in order to repair it he needs to interface with his "second brain" - a copy of his psyche he uploaded to the Internet.

Inside the Paguro Family's bunker, the Punisher outlines a plan of attack to Venom and Electra. When Flash protests that they don't know if everyone in the room deserves to die, Castle retorts that everyone in the bunker deserves death, telling Venom to handle the left and take out the Paguro Family if he sees the chance. The Punisher offers Electra a gun, but she refuses in favor of her sais. Smiling faintly, Castle says they can finally do something meaningful by killing every criminal in New York. While Electra blocks the exit, the Punisher and Venom lunge into the assembled criminals and open fire. "Pops" notes most of the criminals are trying to hide or flee, and coaxes them into fighting back by offering to triple the bounty on the Punisher and apply it to Venom and Electra. Carmen Nobili considers joining the fray, but is told to stand down by Gordon. When Joseph protests that this is why the Nobili Family are derided as cowards, Gordon retorts that it's better to be a coward and live than be a dead hero.

Deadpool arrives at P's Pizza, the cabbie demanding $300 in exchange for transporting him through the alien invasion. Deadpool pulls out his pistol, causing the cabbie to panic, but Deadpool shoots an alien about to attack the cabbie from behind. As the cabbie departs waiving the fee, Deadpool ignores him and enters the pizzeria. The servers panic and flee upon recognizing him, though Deadpool assumes they too will mistake him for Spider-Man. Deadpool opens the till and pays for three slices of pizza, then sits down and helps himself.

Red Hulk gives Red Leader a smartphone, but Sterns laments that he needs a huge datastream to reboot his brain and that the phone only has one bar. Grumbling that it's better than nothing, Sterns begins interfacing with his online brain, but a cloud of green mist abruptly appears and floods the city. Sterns reports that he wasn't able to completely reboot his brain but managed to partially repair the damage, and when Red Hulk asks what the green fog is he replies that it's Terrigen Mist, only affects members of the Inhuman bloodline, and that unless something is very wrong shouldn't have any effect on anyone on Earth. When Red Hulk asks for a strategy on how to deal with Mercy, Red Leader suggests he take out two birds with one stone by getting her to target Thanos's army. Red Hulk attacks the ship, causing Mercy to sense the terror of the aliens onboard and attack it.

In the Paguro Family's bunker, the Punisher and Venom are slowly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of attacking criminals, causing Electra to grab an assault rifle and mow down the thugs attacking Castle. Venom goes berserk and begins devouring the thugs attacking him, causing the Punisher to wryly assure Electra that he's fine. As Terrigen Mist floods the bunker, Venom spots the Paguro Family trying to escape and attacks them, while the Nobili Family abruptly undergo Terrigenesis and are transformed into Inhumans.

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