Quote1 Yeah! Yeah! I can already feel your power flowing into my body! Waa -- Wait! This don't feel right! It's too different! Too alien! What is she? WHAT IS SHEEEEEE?! Quote2
-- Absorbing Man after trying to absorb Stellaris' power

Appearing in "Grudge Match!"

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Synopsis for "Grudge Match!"

Titania can't help herself from committing crimes as long as she remains defeated by She-Hulk, so Absorbing Man contacts Thunderstrike to set something up. They agree to go to a deserted test range in Nevada to have a one-on-one between She-Hulk and Titania, but Stellaris gets involved.

Appearing in "Krask Force"

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Synopsis for "Krask Force"

The law offices of Krask & Krask are suing the city of New York for millions of dollars in property damages. Unbeknown to them, their father Kronin Krask has returned as a form of living energy, and they only way to stop him is to call in Code:Gray! Oh yeah, and Daredevil and Code:Blue help too.


Includes letters written from

  • Thomas Farley from Lawrenceville, NJ
  • John Bullock from Cape Coral, FL
  • Carl Walters from Hollis, NY
  • Chris Nemec
  • Todd Adam Gross from Bellaire Texas

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