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Quote1.png Not at one, ophidian one! I presently have as casual a use for your expertise in you may have for my talents for trickery! An exchange of favors may be of benefit to us both! Quote2.png
Loki to Seth

Appearing in "A Day in the Life!"

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Synopsis for "A Day in the Life!"

Thunderstrike and Stellaris head back to their apartment, while Bloodaxe thinks about changing his relationship to Thunderstrike. Eric then heads to Avengers Mansion to update the Black Widow on Seth, but the picture he sees on file looks nothing like the man he just fought. In the underwater remains of the Armageddon Complex, the spirit forms of Seth and Loki have a discussion about an exchange of favors. Eric agrees to take the Black Widow's place on the Quality Shopping Channel unknowingly. Also, Stellaris knows who the identity of Bloodaxe really is, and Eric wakes up to discover the Mark of Seth still on his chest.

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