Quote1 Stop me, Thor! Please stop me! If you can! Quote2
-- Thunderstrike/Bloodaxe

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Synopsis for "Dying Time!"

In Asgard, Odin senses what is coming, and goes to seek someone. On Earth, Eric has become possessed of the Bloodaxe, and goes to seek Seth. Telling Code:Blue to call the Avengers. At a hospital across town, Sam and Gary are defending Jackie's actions due to her addiction to the Bloodaxe, but Captain Conklin isn't buying it. But Jackie tells them all that Seth's agenda is to wipe out all humanity, and that Thunderstrike's going to die. Thunderstrike crashes into Seth's base, where Seth tries to convince him to join forces, which Eric promptly declines by smashing Seth across the room. At JFK Airport, Bobby, Marcy, and Kevin are getting ready to get on their flight, upset that Eric hasn't shown up to say goodbye. But Kevin is unfazed, knowing that his father is probably saving the world or something. In Valhalla, Odin approaches Skurge, telling him that there is a battle for one man's soul being waged. Eric beats down Seth, and the combining the power of both axe and mace, destroys Seth's body, and sends his spirit screaming into the atmosphere. Just then, the Avengers arrive, having witnessed Eric commit murder. Quicksilver races ahead, and Strike wipes the floor with him, commenting that none of them ever took him seriously, and thought he was a joke, and begins to take them all out. The only one left standing is Captain America, who manages to delay him long enough for Thor to arrive. Eric begs him to stop him, knowing that only Thor has a chance to do so.

They begin to battle back and forth violently, rocking buildings and shattering glass. Thor is shocked that Eric wields that much power now, and says that if the Bloodaxe is to be defeated, Eric must die.


  • Cover art is a homage to the cover of Thor #337 (November 1983).

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