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Quote1.png I'll never forget you, Eric Masterson! Neither will anyone else who ever had the privilege of knowing'll always be in our hearts! Quote2.png
Jackie Lukus

Appearing in "The Storm and the Sacrifice!"

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Synopsis for "The Storm and the Sacrifice!"

Thor grieves for his friend

Skurge is in Valhalla, pondering his past and knows what he must do. Thor and Eric continue to battle, while Jackie is in torment because she knows what Eric is doing. Inside his own mind, Eric finds Skurge, Sparky, and an avatar of Bloodaxe. Sparky and Skurge tell him that he has to face and defeat the Bloodaxe. His body is already a slave to it, and his mind will follow if he doesn't do something. They show him images from outside, of him fighting Thor and pounding relentlessly on him. Eric knocks Thor away, and when he gets up, all the Avengers are stunned at what they see. Eric has regained control of Thunderstrike, and is setting it at war against the Bloodaxe. He has torn himself in two and is putting both halves at war. Eric manages to defeat the Bloodaxe, but at the cost of his own life. At the police precinct, Jackie collapses, knowing that Eric just died. Thunderstrike opens his eyes, and seeing Skurge, asks him where he is. Skurge tells him that they are in Valhalla, where Thor joins them and tells Eric how happy he is. Eric tells him that he doesn't belong there, his power and form were a disguise, and it's not him. He's just a regular guy from Long Island, NY. He was glad for the wonderful opportunity to help others, but his time is done now. Odin appears and tells them that Eric is correct, and reveals a shining light that is for him, and changing from Thunderstrike to Eric, he vanishes. Later, Kevin is visiting Eric's grave, he tells him that he misses him, and he's proud of him. He then gives Bobby a hug telling him he loves him, calling him dad. Thor arrives, and not saying a word, summons a lightning bolt to sear an epitaph on Eric's headstone - The World Still Needs Heroes. Later still, Jackie visits, telling Eric that he saved her life and a whole lot more. Telling him that she will never forget him, leaving roses and a set of photos of her and Eric having a wonderful time and kissing.


This is the final issue of this series.

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