Quote1 Thundra, ruthless warrior woman from an alternate future timeline... Don't ask. Quote2
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Thundra is a warrior woman from an possible future, how and why she returned in time is unknown. She's a member of the Frightful Four, they attacked Peter Parker's high school searching for Spider-Man, after Trapster implanted a tracer in the hero during a fight which took place hours before. She and the other members of the Frightful Four battled Spider-Man but retreated when the cops arrived, as they were not paid to fight cops.[1] The next time she battled Spider-Man is when he quit from S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainees and when the other trainees came to help Spider-Man she proved to be strong enough to fight Power Man one on one. While falling from the building she was saved by Spider-Man who left her hanging upside down.[2]. She is the kept in S.H.I.E.L.D custody.[3][4] She is seen again when Spider-Man is fighting Venom.[5]


Thundra was with the Frightful Four when they invade an Oscorp warehouse and end up fighting Spider-Man's team. It soon turns out that the Frightful Four had set a trap where they escape while Spider-Man's team are attacked by Octobots.[6]

Second Chance Hero

Spider-Man finds Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot armor fighting the Frightful Four on a rooftop. During the fight with the Frightful Four, Trapster places the bombs on the the Iron Patriot armor which disables him causing Spider-Man to resume the fight. It was just a strategy play by Iron Patriot to defeat the Frightful Four. Norman Osborn claims that he was making amends for the incident where they attacked Midtown High.[7]


Seemingly those of the Thundra of Earth-715.


Seemingly those of the Thundra of Earth-715.

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