This version of Thundra is a divergent version of the Thundra of Earth-715 (aka Femizonia). The Thundra of Earth-715 originally came to the modern age of Earth-616 in order to prevent the male dominated future of Earth-74101 (aka Machus) to take over her reality.[1] Eventually with the help of the Fantastic Four, she succeeded by merging Earth-715 and Earth-74101 into a the new reality of Earth-7412 where man and woman lived in peace. However, Thundra ended up stuck in the modern era of Earth-616 again.[2] Eventually, she was able to gain control of a Nth Projector to send herself back to what she believed was her own reality. This trip created two Thundras that ended up in two different realities. The Thundra of Earth-715 who found Earth-8009 an exact duplicate of her world prior to its merger.[3] The other ended up on Earth-8763 where the merger between Femizonia and Machus was not as smooth as originally seen. Instead, the warrior women there were forced to imprison the male warriors, and Thundra was made their ruler.

When a group of warriors of Machus broke free and took some of Thundra's warriors prisoner, she ventured back to the modern era of Earth-616 and recruited the Fantastic Four's Thing to help quell the uprising. The pair were successful, and Thundra invited the Thing to stay in her era and rule beside her. Still hung up over his teammate the Human Torch marrying the woman posing as the Thing's long time girlfriend Alicia Masters, the Thing instead asked to be returned to the relative past to prevent the events that led to the Torch's marriage. When the Thing finally got what he wanted -- the chance to marry Alicia -- his own guilt caused him to break off the wedding at the last moment, and he petitioned Thundra to return him to her time. Due to the limitations of the time travel technology involved, Thundra could only return the Thing to his own era. [4] Thundra's subsequent activities are unknown.

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Seemingly those of the Thundra of Earth-616.

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