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Thuria was, during the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, one of the Earth largest land masses although smaller continents such as Atlantis and the Eastern continent Mu existed, as did several island chains. Most of the Earth was unexplored wilderness but contained scattered clans of primitive humans.[citation needed]

One of the nations to exist at the time was Valusia with its capital the City of Wonders ruled by King Kull.[6]

Thuria later became Hyboria, then later Europe, Asia, and Africa.[7]


Great Cataclysm

In 18,000 B.C. Atlantis sank beneath the ocean during what is known as the Great Cataclysm. This event changed the landscape of the world which would be known as Hyboria.[citation needed]

Points of Interest

Thurian Continent

The Nameless Isle (Siojina-Kisua) was a remnant[9] (or more likely an island possession) of Valusia.[10]

Minor isles around Thuria included Zahrahn (seemingly off its western or northern coast, see notes on Zahrahn's page).

On the mainland or on islands, Grebuhl and Auuroghan were seemingly sea-ports on the Nespian Trade Routes.[11]

Neighboring Landmasses


  • "Thuranian" was used as an adjective form for Thuria,[14] although it may be the result of a confusion between Thuria and Thurania, a Thurian kingdom.
  • Thuria is sometimes erroneously stated to later be known as the Americas.[15]

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