Thuron was a member of the Elder Race,[2] and the king of a mountain city on the outer fringes of Valusia (Hyborian Age Plain of Shamu, in Ophir).

He alleged that the "Black Shadow" had gave him strength, and the Ring of the Black Shadow allowing him to summon the "real gods".[3]

He sired a son, Thuronolos.[4]


King Kull of Valusia decided to annihilate all those who offered human sacrifice to the dark elder gods, including Thuron's city.

While Kull's army was approching, for some reason, Thuron sworn that Gallio would be sacrificed on the altar of the Temple of Everlasting Darkness for his soul to be offered "to the devil that lurks forever in the Black Shadow". Gallio went to the temple of the forgotten Great Scorpion God to ask for help. He was rejoined by Irena, and both were found by Thuron. Demonstrating his powers, Thuron was killed by a little scorpion though to have been send by the Scorpion God, as no scorpion had ever been found in the city and his sting killed Thuron too quickly for it to be an ordinary scorpion.[3]


He alleged that the Black Shadow had gave him strength.[3]


Ring of the Black Shadow[3]


Whip and short sword[3]

In Conan the Barbarian #68, King Kull stated that he had faced Thuron in the past. Their encounter is unknown, considering Thuron was dead when King Kull entered his city in Conan the Barbarian #52.

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