Not much is known about Ti Asha Ra, but at some point in time, she became a member of the Thor Corps, a force composed of multiple men and women dedicated to preserving peace across Battleworld.

When a mysterious person trespassed upon its domain borders, Ti Asha Ra came by and attacked him with a lightning bolt for breaking Doom's laws, prompting him to fall into the Domain of Apocalypse in the process.[1]

Later on, during a battle between the X-Men and the Horsemen of Apocalypse, she intervened and had an argument with Baron Apocalypse, with the mysterious person fleeing and hiding himself. The Thor then demanded to know to where he had run, but no one answered. Angry, she attacked both the X-Men and the Horsemen of Apocalypse with a lightning bolt (which made Apocalypse furious) and then went looking for him through the domain. When she was near the domain's walls, Logan climbed it and attacked her from behind. Enraged, the Thor attacked him with another lightning bolt and he fell into the neighboring domain, Technopolis, as she was being attacked by Apocalypse's Infinite Soldiers.[1]


Seemingly those of a Thor.


Seemingly those of a Thor.

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