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Quote1 Before time and the universe, I am. Before stars and worlds, I am. Before there was life. Before there was hope. Before there was darkness, I am. I, the brightest and wisest, I, the highest of the highest. My essense, the most powerful. My casing, golden, golden. When I spoke, worlds listened, and when I was silent, the solar winds did not blow for fear they might disturb my thoughts. I made them: stars and worlds, clouds of dust that shimmered and whorls of dark matter visible only from outside the edge of the known. I have made life from the building blocks of life, and I have taken life away. This small planet circles its small sun, time after time, and the seasons change, and the world changes, and I waited in the darkness through half a million revolutions. And I have dreamed. And I have dreamed such dreams. But now. But now. The dream is over. Once again. As before. As it will be. I am. Quote2
Dreaming Celestial[src]

Tiamut, better known as the Dreaming Celestial, was a fabled Celestial who was put to sleep and sealed under the Diablo Mountains by his fellow Celestials of the Earth's Second Host. For roughly 20,000 years, he slumbered and his armor became black,[2][11] until he was awoken in modern times, golden once more.[3] He originally planned to destroy the planet but had a change of heart after observing its people for a while, even going as far as to appeal to the Fulcrum for its sake.[12] He stood at Golden Gate Park until his death at the hands of the Exterminators.[13]


The Dreaming Celestial was a Celestial who may or may not have originated during the time of the First Cosmos (but he did claim to be older than the current universe[3]); however, what is known is that Celestials' counterparts across the Multiverse are interconnected aspects of themselves and not separate beings. Thus, the Dreaming Celestial of Earth-616 was one aspect of the true Dreaming Celestial.[14]

The Communicator[]

The Dreaming Celestial was once known as Tiamut the Communicator whose function was to alert the Fulcrum of the findings of the Celestials during planetary examinations and to send a signal to the Horde to collect the planet's aggregate life-force.[6]

Tiamut was one of the ten members of the First Celestial Host when it visited Earth one million years ago.[15] During this visit, Tiamut personally created the Eternal Makkari, designing him for speed and with several other interesting features in his DNA structure.[16]

It is said by some that the Deviant conqueror known as Lord Tantalus from the planet Arqa was created more than 25,000 years ago by the Dreaming Celestial but this has not been confirmed.[1][17]

Celestials from Eternals Vol 4 3 001

Being attacked by other Celestials of the Second Host

During the Second Celestial Host, the Deviants were the dominant force on Earth, and Tiamut was ready to call the Horde to begin the harvesting of the planet. However, Arishem had that order canceled, and had many of the Deviants culled, while not touching the other species. As this was a violation of their protocol, Tiamut deemed Arishem to be malfunctioning and tried to assume command by attacking Arishem. Although Tiamut defeated Arishem, he was then attacked by four other Celestials who had been working with Arishem, and he was imprisoned underneath the mountains. Why they did this though, is still not truly clear, and mention must be made of the fact that this account of events was given by the Dreaming Celestial itself and has not yet been rebutted or verified.[6] It should also be noted that, by giving this account to Makkari, the Dreaming Celestial contradicted his previous claim that he could not explain why the other Celestials had put him to sleep because the reason involved concepts for which Makkeri had no referent.[3]

Tiamut (Multiverse) from Silver Surfer Annual Vol 1 2 001

Beneath the Diablo Mountains

The other Celestials ripped his spirit from his body and placed in a device known as "The Vial," with a fraction of Tiamut's soul used to make a key that could unlock the Vial. The Celestials then sealed the Dreaming Celestial's body in a vault under the Diablo Mountains in California. For millennia, the Celestial slept.[18]

It was after being defeated and imprisoned that Tiamut's true name was supposedly obliterated forever so that he would only be spoken of as the Dreaming Celestial.[2] He was erased from all records.[19]

20th century[]

In 1906, during San Francisco Earthquake the Dreaming Celestial's chamber was damaged. The Eternals arrived and formed Uni-Mind to fix it. During the Mahd Wy'ry, Sprite realized he could use the Celestial's powers to change his Eternal life, allowing him to finally grow up.[20]

Modern Age[]

Eventually, the Deviant Priestlord Ghaur remade the key and drank the essence of the Dreaming Celestial, thus giving the Priestlord the height and power of a Celestial. Soon thereafter, the Dreaming Celestial took advantage of this and mentally controlled Ghaur to free the Dreamer from his never-ending sleep. This plan was thwarted by the Avengers and the Eternals, and the Vial was sealed once more.[18]

Heroes Reborn[]

After Franklin Richards transported the Fantastic Four and several Avengers into a pocket dimension, the Dreaming Celestial found a loophole out of his prison: a gateway into the pocket universe. The Dreaming Celestial learned that one of his star-spawned kin, the Celestial known as Ashema, was the guardian of the pocket universe. He concluded that the only way out of that pocket universe was through her, and began to plot her demise. Soon he was opposed by Doctor Doom, Lancer, Technarx, and several other heroes. The Dreaming Celestial was successful in capturing Ashema and escaping into his home dimension, but was soon thwarted by Doom and the Fantastic Four.[21]

Reawakening and the Horde[]

Over time, since they were both victims of the Second Host, many Deviants began worshipping the Dreaming Celestial and told tales that he was their creator and/or savior. Two of these Deviants, Morjak and Gelt, used Makkari to unearth the Dreaming Celestial from his mountain prison. When the sun's rays hit him, the Dreaming Celestial's black armor returned to its golden color and the sleeping space god woke up.[22]

Tiamut (Multiverse) from Eternals Vol 3 6 001

Dreaming Celestial waking up

The Dreaming Celestial's reawakening could be felt across the cosmos and alerted the Horde to come devour the Earth. However, the Dreaming Celestial decided against destroying the Earth as he had originally intended. After absorbing information from his surroundings, he decided to wait and judge humanity for himself by his own standards.[23] In the interim, he informed Makkari that a devastating force called the Horde was heading for the Earth.[8]

Tiamut (Multiverse) from Eternals Vol 4 5 001

The Dreaming Celestial standing in Golden Gate Park, overlooking San Francisco

The Dreaming Celestial stood silently in place, towering above San Francisco, where he was ultimately turned into a tourist attraction. Although the Dreaming Celestial laid apparently dormant, he spoke to, and only to, Makkari, his prophet.[24] Sersi, who had rekindled her relationship with Makkari, grew worried about his recurring sessions with the Celestial, feeling that her loved one was slowly fading away.[25] After having enough of it, she finally decided to confront the Celestial, determined to find the reason for this deadly bond. And, despite almost getting killed, the Celestial revealed that Makkari had been chosen as his link to humanity before the arrival of the Horde, and she too was part of its grand plan: She was the one who had to protect Makkari.[26]

Unfortunately, Sersi failed in her mission and Makkari was killed. With no way of him being revived through conventional ways, a countdown to global annihilation was activated. Seeing that there was no other alternative, Sersi then pushed her powers to the limit by transmuting her own body into a perfect replica of Makkari and then replacing his consciousness with her own. Thanks to Sersi, the connection with the Celestial was restored once more.[27]

Tiamut (Multiverse) from Eternals Vol 4 9 001

The Dreaming Celestial taking off his helmet for the Fulcrum

After the Horde arrived on Earth, Uatu told the Dreaming Celestial about free will and emotions. During the battle that ensued, the Dreaming Celestial finally confronted the Fulcrum, questioning his own purpose. In the process, he removed his helmet, revealing a shining humanoid face. He then pleaded with the Fulcrum to spare Earth as the Celestial was finally caring for the planet. The Fulcrum declared that it had sought a Celestial who would rise above its purpose since before time began, and asked the Dreamer to become his companion; he accepted.[12]


Tiamut (Multiverse) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 496 001

The X-Men landing the X-Jet near the Dreaming Celestial in Golden Gate Park

After creating a diversion by having Magneto attack San Francisco, the High Evolutionary removed a specific item from the Dreaming Celestial's head through a process Magneto referred to as a "lobotomy". The object was used in an experiment on Magneto which restored his mutant gene after the Scarlet Witch had depowered him on M-Day.[28][29]

When Archangel sought to bring about the Age of Archangel, he traveled to the Dreaming Celestial to retrieve a Death Seed. Like Apocalypse before him, Archangel desired to serve evolution and needed his horseman Death by his side.[30]

After the schism between the X-Men, Mr. Sinister returned, and somehow activated the Dreaming Celestial. While the X-Men battled the Celestial's body, Sinister utilized its head to transform part of San Francisco in his own image. Due to this action, numerous Celestials came to Earth but Cyclops made them go back.[31]


Dark Beast attempted to use the Dreaming Celestial to open a portal to the Age of Apocalypse reality. However, his actions unleashed the Exterminators.[14] One of them killed the Dreaming Celestial during their attempt to invade the Multiverse.[32]


Quote1 Unlike you and me, who have separate aspects in each universe, the Celestials exist as aspects of one being linked across the Multiverse simultaneously. Quote2
Dark Beast[src]

The Celestials exist across the Multiverse simultaneously. A Celestial's alternate reality selves are actually aspects of the same being.[14] Despite this, their alternate aspects may have very different histories from the ones in the mainstream Marvel Universe.


Tiamut (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 340 001

This aspect was known as the Black Celestial, who betrayed the Celestials and was then imprisoned him under the Diablo Mountains in California. Through his dreams, he summoned thousands of Deviants to augment the mountain while he slept. As a result, he was able to awaken himself.[5] After Galactus lay dying on Earth of his battle with Terrax and the Fantastic Four,[33] the Black Celestial restored him to full health but greatly increased his hunger. The Black Celestial's influence caused Galactus to build machines to draw the universe into himself, thereby exacting revenge on the Celestials who imprisoned him. Meanwhile, the Black Celestial's devices would ensure his own survival and would allow him to start a new universe.[5] Galactus' black hole generator created a Time Bubble that spanned 15 years, which prevented time travel. The Council of Cross-Time Kangs and the Avengers tried breaching the bubble but were unsuccessful.[34] Eventually, it was the Fantastic Four who entered the Time Bubble thanks to their Time-Sled. They attempted to use Shi'ar weapons to destroy Galactus' machines but the Black Celestial awakened and thwarted their efforts. Going to the Black Celestial's base, the FF found out about the Black Celestial's plan before destroying the base. The Black Celestial returned and Reed Richards tricked the Black Celestial into believing that they were going back in time to warn the other Celestials of the plan. The Black Celestial used his own time travelling ability to follow them, but it was a ploy by Reed Richards drain the Black Celestial of his energy, as time travel near the Time Bubble was massively more difficult than usual. Chasing the FF's Time-Sled, the Black Celestial went back and forth in time around the Time Bubble multiple times before being lured directly into Galactus' black hole. By that point, he had become too weak to escape it. His immense energies momentarily restored Galactus' sanity; Galactus signalled Richards to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy himself and the Time Bubble.[35]


Tiamut (Multiverse) Marvel Avengers Alliance

The Dreaming Celestial stood silently in place, towering above San Francisco.[36]


Tiamut (Multiverse) from Marvel Avengers Academy 001

The Dreaming Celestial and a group of Celestials were going to attack the Avengers Academy, their attack was stopped by the God Squad, but the Celestials were only testing the heroes at this point.

The Dreaming Celestial had somehow developed a bond with Ayesha and traveled with her army to Earth to help her retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet in Nick Fury possession.[37]


Power Grid[44]
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The Dreaming Celestial seems to be one of the most powerful Celestials. Tiamut challenged Arishem and won.[6] Galactus feared him and Uatu the Watcher could not see anything when he awoke.[3]

  • Dream Broadcasting: Even while asleep, the Dreaming Celestial was able to broadcast its dream to other sleeping entities, influencing them.[3] The Dreaming Celestial could communicate with others in a realm called the Dreamspace.[8]
    • Because Franklin Richards shapes his universes with his imagination, which is in a way a dream, the still-asleep Dreaming Celestial was able to slip into Franklin's pocket universe. He could manipulate it to the same extent as Franklin himself.[38]
  • Song of the Sleeper: By singing "Aicho aicho minno mau..." over and over, the Dreaming Celestial was able to put everyone on the planet Earth to sleep. Eternals were exempt from this. Those affected could not be woken up unless the Dreaming Celestial aborted the song.[27] The true purpose of the song was a "cosmic do-over." After completing 3547 verses, the Fulcrum would extract all life energy from the planet,[6] and then the space-time surrounding the planet would be reversed by 13.7 billion years.[27]
  • Resurrection: The Dreaming Celestial brought Thena's son Joey back to life.[27]
Tiamut (Multiverse) and Uatu (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 4 9 001

Watching with the Watcher

  • Cosmic Awareness: The Dreaming Celestial could scan the minds and catalogue the lifetimes of all lifeforms on Earth.[39] Additionally, it could observe the planet in a similar manner as the Watcher.[12] When the Dreaming Celestial woke up, it instantly absorbed knowledge from radio and television communications, as well as the entire Internet.[3]
  • Teleportation: The Dreaming Celestial could disappear and reappear in other sectors of space, and could effortlessly teleport an entire armeda of Shi'ar weaponry and ships at once.[5]
  • Time Travel: The Dreaming Celestial could travel through time, as demonstrated when he was able to chase down the Fantastic Four's Time-Sled.[5] Also, he was unaffected by the time dialation effect of the Time Bubble, which caused almost everything else in Earth-8810 to be "frozen" in time.[40][5]
  • Multiversal Portals: Celestials exist across the Multiverse simultaneously. The Dreaming Celestial of Earth-616 is linked to all his counterparts from other realities because they are all aspects of one being. Dark Beast used this fact to open a portal to other realities using the Dreaming Celestial.[14]



Celestial starships.


Marvel Duel Card 0409
  • There are conflicting accounts as to why the Dreaming Celestial was put to sleep.
    • According to what the Eternals were told, the Dreaming Celestial was guilty of a heinous "crime against life itself"[2] but what this crime was and where it was committed have never been revealed.[11]
    • On one occasion, the Dreaming Celestial seemingly confirmed that he had done something that his fellows said was such a crime but felt that he should not have been punished for it.[3]
    • Most Deviants worship the Dreaming Celestial because they believe that he alone created their race. Many believe that this act was the "crime" for which he was cast down[41] while others believe that he was betrayed and tricked by the other Celestials when he tried to protect the Changing People.[9]
    • Some Deviants believe that their race was created to be a delicacy for the Celestials to consume and that the Dreaming Celestial was imprisoned because he tried to get the other Celestials to stop eating Deviants.[42]
    • In his own account of what happened, the Dreaming Celestial did not claim that he had been trying to protect the Deviants. Instead, he stated that he had been going to send a signal to the Horde to harvest the aggregate planetary life-force but that Arishem had then stopped him, claiming that the Fulcrum had ordered them to only cull the Deviants, thereby sparing the base species.[6]
  • Eternals (Vol. 3) #4 and Eternals (Vol. 3) #6 claim that the Dreaming Celestial got sealed half a million years ago, but this claim is outlandish. The Dreaming Celestial was sealed by the Second Host and the event was tied to the Great Cataclysm, which is usually depicted as around 20,000 years ago.[11]


  • The Dreaming Celestial is the only Celestial to ever question the Fulcrum. Even other Celestials who had evolved into beings of greater power have never done that.[12]

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