Tian was a five square miles South-Western forest region of China where nothing happened in the previous five thousands years.[1] The place was known by several people involved in intel-gathering, including Wolverine, but it was impermeable to every scanning technology invented on Earth. Logan described it as "the greatest secret in the history of intelligence."

Tian was protected from detection devices such as Cerebra. Additionally, the city's walls and floors were built using spintronic slabs. As spintronics store information by using the spin of electrons, it opened the way for quantum-based calculations. Making their buildings spintronic supercomputers. Even the air molecules could be computational substrate.[1]

When the X-Men came to visit the place, they found a hidden floating city full of the corpses of the "Chinese X-Men", all dead since M-Day. These mutants had been secluded from society in order to study and learn about themselves undisturbed. The city was progressively falling down, and it was theorized that it had been maintained in the air by mutant powers, specifically psionic energies, since the city lacked machinery.[2]

Forge's New Mutants followed Earth-89149's Annex Squad there, and battled for a short time before the X-Men showed up.[citation needed]



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It was assumed by Hank McCoy that a counterpart to Tian existed in the home home reality of the Agent X-13. He travelled there, under the assumption that he would find a massive data-bank and no one to bother him.[citation needed]


  • The idea of an Asian city named Tian and inhabited by a a superhuman community was reprised in Ultimate Hawkeye #1, where a city near to Bangkok was named Tian, and inhabited by the People, beings powered by the Source initially in a plot to wipe out the mutations and ensure to the SEAR government a global domination.

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