Tian was built by the People in less than a week to replace the SEAR government. Tian is actually two cities that float above the skyline. The cities were presented as an haven for the tracked mutants and the lost humans.[1]

Source (Serum) 002

The Lake of Source

Soon, the city was attacked by Hawkeye and the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mutant agents Ultimate X, accompanied by the Hulk, in order to obtain the Source of the People's power.[3]

While Xorn friendly gave the Source to Barton, the Hulk was beaten by Xorn's brother Zorn after having killed a few Eternals. Clint and the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers left, but the mutants decided to stay as for Hulk, but this one was rejected by Xorn, as for his murders than for his current destructive state of mind.[4]

Tian was later visited by Nick Fury[2], in order to make the People go at war with the Children of Tomorrow. The cities were targeted by Reed Richards, but the incoming army was destroyed by Zorn.[5]

Points of Interest

  • The Heavenly Cities
    • The Northern City: Home of the Celestials
    • The Southern City: Home of the Eternals
  • The Lake of the Source, located in the Northern City


Former residents


  • Tian means "heaven" or "cosmos" in Mandarin Chinese.

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