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Tiana was the assistant and love interest of Paul-Philip Ravage while he was director of Eco, the anti-polluter division of Alchemax. Tiana had strong feelings for Ravage and thought he was a good man, but never trusted Eco since her father was branded a polluter and carted off to Hellrock.

Tiana Sikoski

When Ravage finally started asking questions of Eco and Alchemax, he was branded a polluter as well. Tiana and the boy Dack went on the run with Ravage as he tried to bring down the MegaCorps. As a Thorite, Tiana grew up in a warrior-woman culture praising the likes of Sif and Hela, so she felt slighted having to act as Ravage's damsel-in-distress on their adventures. The two eventually parted on slightly hostile terms due to Paul-Philip unwitting mistreatment of her.[2]

Tiana came to the Church of Thor to pray for the power she desired, and was overheard by Reverend Cecil McAdam. The reverend was involved in Alchemax's plot to create their own Norse gods to counter the growing super-hero population, and offered Tiana a role in the experiments. Tiana underwent nano-technological and psychological conditioning thanks to Tyler Stone, and emerged as the Aesir known as Hela.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Flight




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