Tiberiu Bulat was a Romanian mercenary who fought in the Yugoslav Wars with the Serbs in which they committed numerous attrocities from destroying villages to massacring villagers. During and after the wars, at the advice of his son Cristu, Tiberiu went into conducting human trafficking. He and his son eventually immigrated to the west where he set up a series of brothels with the help of a woman named Vera Konstantin and corrupt NYPD Detective Stu Westin, where East European abductees were forced into prostitution. However, Tiberiu was not content with prostitution and was driven by his cruelty and bloodlust into outright eliminating competition from rival gangs. Furthermore, Tiberiu relished the chance of engaging Frank Castle, The Punisher, when the vigilante became involved against his prostitution ring.

However, Tiberiu's violent antics and his lack of concern for any repercussion made Cristu to believe that his father would jeopardize them and their entire business in which he and Vera decided to kill him by tipping off gangsters, who were seeking vengeance on Tiberiu for having previously killed some of their men. Tiberiu survived the attempt on his life and learned of his son's and Vera's betrayal from one of the surviving gangsters. He then went to confront Cristu at his retreat at Indian Lake, but only to find and encounter The Punisher, who had already killed Cristu. Despite being taken by surprise by Castle, the more battle-harden Tiberiu and his surviving men were able to forced The Punisher to flee.

Tiberiu later confronted Vera and acknowledge her involvement, and placed some of his men to look after her, but The Punisher came and brutally killed Vera. Knowing that Castle was on to him, Tiberiu gathered his entire crew to face Castle. However, Castle tracked down his location and annihilated all of his men with explosives. Tiberiu was then forced to hold a prostitute hostage, but The Punisher took advantage of his anger by calling him a "coward," causing Tiberiu to ignore his hostage and ultimately being subdued by Castle. The Punisher took Tiberiu to an undisclosed location where he was tied to a chair and burned alive while being filmed, with the recording being delivered to Tiberiu's contacts in Moldova by a cowed Stu Westin, who was present at Tiberiu's burning and mistaken by Tiberiu to having been working for The Punisher. Likely because of Tiberiu's accusations spoken on camera, the Bulats' Moldovan contacts may have a hand in Westin's disappearance.[1]

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Tiberiu is an accomplished Romanian mercenary.



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