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Early Life

Once worshipped as the great leader of a Peruvian tribe, Tiboro became so powerful that some said he ruled the entire world at one point. He harnessed the power of lightning, creating an electroplasmic ray to rule his world. He was banished from Earth to another realm known as the Sixth Dimension, and his great civilization collapsed. He left behind only the Screaming Idol, and allegedly Tiboro's Coat.[2][verification needed]

Doctor Strange

The Idol was eventually found by archaeologists, who disappeared into it on TV. Doctor Strange investigated and discovered Tiboro as the source of the Idol's power. Doctor Strange travelled to Tiboro's realm and fought him. Doctor Strange won and Tiboro surrendered his hostages, but vowed revenge.[2]

The Black Knight and Doctor Strange later travelled to Tiboro's realm in search of the banished Sons of Satannish in order to reverse the Spell of Fire and Ice. There they did battle with the much stronger Tiboro, but were ultimately victorious.[3]

Tiboro then used the Screaming Idol to influence impressionable minds on Earth in order to start his own cult of worshippers, from whom he could then suck power. Doctor Strange again defeated Tiboro and turned him to stone.[4][5]

Later, Tiboro joined forces with Clea to defeat Umar and Baron Mordo.[6]

After Teen Brigade member Miss America made contact with the Screaming Idol, she was thrust into the Sixth Dimension,[7] where Tiboro attempted to destroy her and the shades of past Screaming Idol victims. When Miss America proved resistant to destruction, he decided to make her his bride, but the incursion into the Sixth Dimension by She-Hulk and Son of Satan distracted him, allowing Miss America to destroy his stone form.[8]


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Tiboro was a magician who could create portals between his realm and Earth, create flying discs for personal transportation, and attack others with powerful energy blasts. Within his own realm he had complete control of all inanimate matter.[9][10]



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