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After her planet was destroyed by the Builders when she was only a child, Tic was one of the Nowlanians transported to the Behemoth ring world along with other refugees. There she met Spider-Woman, one of the Avengers on the scene, who gave her a squid toy to comfort her.[1]

Already a young woman, Tic was relocated in Torfa, a planet where refugees were located by the Galactic Council.[2]

Following the appearance of a sickness which many citizens suffered, the Council tried to force the refugees off Torfa. Their ruler, Eleanides, sent Tic in a capsule to look for help on Earth.[3]

The capsule arrived and was found by Captain Marvel,[4] who decided to help Tic get back to Torfa. After encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy, already in space, Tic woke up from her stasis chamber in the medical bay of Captain Marvel's ship, took control of it and stole it while Danvers was in the Guardians' vessel.[2]

Captain Marvel managed to recover the ship and clarify the misunderstanding which led Tic to steal the ship. A week and a half later, Captain Marvel and Tic arrived on Torfa.[3]

Tic offered her help to assist Captain Marvel in building another "ring world" where the refugees could be relocated. After an attack from the Haffensye, Captain Marvel, Tic, and other refugees who decided to help her began to pursuit the alien mercenaries.[5]

By the time Spartoi forces invaded Torfa, Tic had infiltrated one of the Haffensye ships in order to discover what they were smuggling from Torfa.[6] She managed to hijack it and help Torfa in exposing J'Son's threat to destroy said planet, which forced the Spartax to leave Torfa.[7]

After Captain Marvel helped Lila Cheney, Tic married Prince Yan of Aladna so he could be king and abolish his planet's practice which prevented males from choosing their mate.[8]


  • Tic's species only live approximately 20 years. Tic is 14 years old.[8] They also appear to experience a growth spurt in the latter half of their lives as Tic was only a child during the Builder War[1] but had the body of a young woman when she came to Earth only months later.[4]

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