Tick and Tock are sentient clocks that are the product of Jimmy Jupiter's imagination in the land of Nowhere. Jimmy first brought Tick to life when wandering the woods one weekend trying to find something to do. Kicking a discarded alarm clock brought it to life and soon Tock was conjured up as well. Both told Jimmy that they were from the Valley of Time, the personification of the use of time on Earth.

Deciding to teach Jimmy a lesson on making the most of his time, they would bring the young boy there and show him around. Their tour would introduce Jimmy to citizens such as Once-Upon-A-Time, the Minute Men, the cemetery where killed time is put to rest, The Club for Retired Time for timeless moments, the hospital where wasted time goes, and the Castle of the King and Queen of Time where "time is money".

There, Jimmy was brought before the King and Queen and shown their "Time Machine" a device that allows one to look anywhere in time. After showing Jimmy a brief glimpse of the end of World War II, he was punished for wasting his time and sent back to Earth. There, he found the alarm clock that he kicked earlier and decided to keep it to remind himself to make better use of his time.[1]

The fate of Tick and Tock are unknown.

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