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Tiger Shark was formerly a general of Attuma's who rebelled against in protest of the treaty between Atlantis and the surface world. He allied himself with Killmonger to attack New York City, armed with his army and the Horn of Neptune that summoned a giant sea creature to fight against the Avengers.[1] This turned out to be a distraction for their true goal which was to steal an artifact from within the Wakandan Embassy, Tiger Shark managed to get a hold of it and desperately make his way back into the Atlantic Ocean, but was eventually caught by Black Panther and the Avengers and apprehended by Attuma to be taken back to Atlantis where he would face punishment for his crimes.[2]


Seemingly those of the Tigershark of Earth-1610.

  • This iteration of the character appears to be a cross between his Earth-616 and Earth-1610 counterparts.

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