The origin of the jungle hero known as Tigerman is unrevealed. He befriended an ape named Rangoo that would become his faithful companion. One day in the jungles he came across explorer Professor Carson and his daughter Louise Carson who were attacked by members of the Monolink Tribe. Although Tigerman came to their aid, they were all captured and brought to the Monolink Tribe's leader King Kuu. Kuu had them locked away in a prison, however Tigerman and Rangoo helped the Carson's break free. Escaping in one of King Kuu's advanced boats, they attempted to escape down a river, however, the tribes weapons damaged the boat, causing it to sink. While they managed to get away from the Monolink Tribe by swimming down the rapids, Professor Carson drowned. With her father's death, Louise wished to remain with Tigerman.[1]

Their subsequent activities remain unrevealed.


Tigerman is able to at least communicate with his ape comrade Rangoo. He has above average strength, is a capable fighter and a strong swimmer.

Tigerman should not be confused with another jungle adventurer named Trojak who was also referred to as the "Tigerman".

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