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Tillie was a young mutant girl who manifested her telekinetic powers while still a toddler. She was also, through a shared Great-Aunt Violet, a distant cousin to Peter Parker on his Aunt May's side.

When Tillie's powers manifested and made a general mess of the Beezer household, her brother Gus was blamed for her antics and began to fear that he had unconsciously become a dangerous mutant. At the same time, the X-Men arrived in his hometown, having detected the activation of a powerful new mutant via Cerebra. Gus initially thought they were coming for him, but after they revealed they were there for his sister, Gus defended her, believing they were going to take her away. The X-Men reassured him that they were merely checking to make sure she was safe, and, satisfied she was, took their leave, but not before Wolverine gave Gus his uniform jacket out of respect for standing up to them.[1]

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Telekinesis: Despite her young age, Tillie was a potent budding telekinetic, able to cause objects to levitate and greatly damage at least medium-sized rooms.

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