Tim Rhodes was a mutant who came to Stony Plain, Alberta claiming to only be looking to make new friends. His appearance and abilities forced the police to treat him as a threat. Coincidentally Charles Xavier and Namor happened to be in town following rumors of a possible mutant.

When Tim "made friends" with an officer, the others began to shoot at him; meanwhile, the officer struck by Tim's powers had had his DNA transumted into that of a human-animal hybrid. Charles prevented the RCMP from shooting at them as he conducted a psychic sweep of Tim's mind and found out that he was part of a government program which labeled him as subject Genus.

Tim Rhodes (Earth-616) from Invaders Vol 3 4 002

Genus unleashing his power

Tim had escaped from a facility and began transforming animals into people in hopes that they could help him. Xavier saw the transformation of the cop and realized that Tim could change the species of any living creature, meaning they could use Tim's gift to accelerate mankind's evolution into mutants; however, Namor saw that Tim's powers would be used by humans as a cure for mutation instead and forcibly attempted to convince Xavier of this.

Xavier lost control of one of the officers, who fired a shell from a shotgun into Tim's chest. As he lay dying in the streets he whispered to Namor that he was lonely.[1]


Biological Transmutation[1]

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