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This item was a sphere with a diameter of 2.86–2.94 inches[1] with a crystal-like surface and a multicoloured whirlwind inside of it,[2][3] which may be due to gases or energy.[3] When the ball breaks by contact with the floor[2] or any other reason, it launches everybody in the vicinity only two seconds into the past[2][3] for a variable time, in any case less than one minute.[3] Doctor Doom, who developed the item, was immune to this effect.[2] Victims may be able to avoid the effect by dodging the explosion.[3]

People affected by the time-shift were unable to perceive their present environment, instead seeing and hearing the events that had happened two seconds ago. This allowed the user (e.g. Doom) to take quick action that his enemies could not prevent (e.g. escape while the enemies attacked a position that Doom had already left). Doom knew that a victim's mind could adjust to the change, but not quick enough in combat situation.[2]

Doom used this item once against the Fantastic Four so that they could not prevent him from infiltrating their headquarters and reach the Negative Zone Portal.[2]


The book Machines of Doom #1 theorizes that this item may have been excogitated from Doom's previous development Time Platform. It also speculates that Doom may have more units of it.

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