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Kang the Conqueror's time-ship is a non-aerodynamic, space-worthy vehicle, and is mostly a housing for the large energy-generating devices that power the time machine. The time machine itself is a device whose major timestream-bridging components are the size of a two-drawer file cabinet. It utilizes energy to generate a chronal-displacement internal field, enabling a being or object to break through the "reality walls" of the timestream into the trans-temporal realm of Limbo, from which all time eras and alternate worlds are accessible.

Kang's machine has the capacity to send him through time unencumbered by time-travel equipment save for a temporal beacon. It can also remotely snatch people or objects from other times and places. The entire time machine can also move itself, and Kang's space-worthy time-ship, through time with its pre-programmed control units aboard. The advantages of taking the apparatus with him are that he has immediate access to the machine, and he can safeguard against its unauthorized use.

It has view screens permitting Kang to peer into other times and places by the dispatching of flying, micro-video cameras able to broadcast through time. He also has a wrist-sized viewscreen monitor that can be tuned to the master video screen.


Remote Control
Size Alteration Limit - No smaller than house-sized
Space Flight
Time Travel

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