Quote1.png Yes. He resists you. He will not be a genie in your lamp. A slave toiling in your sunless fields. Quote2.png
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Time-Sink and the five other rogue personality

Following the Fortress X time, where Legion's personas all had a body for themselves, the return to the normal reality left free six of those sub-personalities outside David's body.[1]

When Legion and the X-Club were testing the Neural Switchboard Wristband manufactured by them and by Reed Richards, and at the same time referencing the different personas present in David's mind, he tried to use Time-Sink's powers, only to found out (after using the powers of the Delphic) that Time-Sink and five others personalities (Endgame, Chain, Susan in Sunshine, Bleeding Image and Styx) were gone rogue.[1]


Time-Sink hid at Punta Brava, Tenerife, and was found by the X-Men. He battled and defeated Gambit, Magneto and Frenzy but was eventually defeated by Rogue and Legion, using the rapid-punching persona 302.[2]

Legion later used his powers in Paris in order to freeze the people and operate without taking risks for the civilians during the search of Styx. As Time-Sink was battling Legion to get back his freedom, David ultimately stop using the chronal control.[3] When walking through David's mind searching for Rogue in there, Charles Xavier was insulted by Time-Sink.[4]


Time-Sink's chronal control.

Chronokinesis: Time-Sink is able to manipulate the time-stream.

  • Chronal Manipulation: He shown to be able of slowing down time for people[2] (freezing them) or on specific geographic areas, such as in Paris.[3]
  • Chronoskimming: This power allows him to temporarily transplant a person's mind and send it through time into his past-self. Gambit was victim of this power, experiencing multiples violent defeats and life hard-times.[2]
  • Time-travel Portal Generation: Time-Sink proved to be able to transport attacks in the past or in the future, though portals.[2]
  • Chronal Self-Awareness: He has shown to even be aware about his future, as he redirected on Magneto an attack which came through the 4th dimension from Gambit occurring a few minutes in the future.[2]

Psi-shield: Time-Sink and the five other sub-personalities are somehow protected from psi-scanning, and even the Omega-level Telepath Charles Xavier was unable to perform a psi-contact on him. It was stated that this shielding was coming from their specific nature, as they weren't "living beings in the conventional sense".[2]

Time-Sink was stated to be a thirteen year old boy by Magneto.[2]

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