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Rosebud II from Fantastic Four Vol 1 337

Rosebud II[1]

The Time-Sleds were time and space machines that were invented by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. The first model, nicknamed "Rosebud II" was first used by the Fantastic Four and their allies Thor and Iron Man to destroy the Time Bubble which existed in the future of Earth-8810.[2] On their way home the Sled accidentally took them to the alternate reality of Earth-9061 where the Cold War was reaching nuclear war. When the Fantastic Four solved the political problems in that world they made the necessary adjustments to return home.[3] However their forays into time attracted the attention of the Time Variance Authority who caused Rosebud II to crash land on a prehistoric island, which later vanished into time. Although the Fantastic Four managed to escape, Rosebud II was lost to them.[4]
Rosebud II from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 25

Rosebud III[5]

Later Reed created a new Time-Sled, nicknamed "Rosebud III", and the Fantastic Four used it to travel to Chronopolis to assist the Avengers, Dr. Druid and the Temptress defeat Kang.[6]

When Mister Fantastic was seemingly slain battling Dr. Doom, [7] the Invisible Woman was unconvinced that her husband was dead and hired Scott Lang (AKA Ant-Man) to utilize Reed's equipment to locate him. One of these items included the Time-Sled. [8] With reports Doom was alive, Sue used the Time-Sled to travel to Latveria, only to discover it was her husband's father Nathaniel posing as the monarch. [9] Nathaniel later baited Sue to use the Time-Sled to transport them to the realm of the Tibetan Monks that were loyal to Doctor Doom, on the false promise that it would lead to answers regarding the whereabouts of her husband. No sooner did they arrive was the Time-Sled destroyed by the monks. [10] Sometime later, Reed was discovered alive and well, and he rejoined the team. [11]

Years later, Reed designed a new Time-Sled that allowed the Fantastic Four to travel back in time the the days of the American Frontier. [12]


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