After being ousted from the Latverian throne by Kristoff Vernard, Victor von Doom developed this machine[1] that could create a Time Displacement Cone[2] of up to two square miles of surface.[1] Anyone and anything in that area became immovile as time itself was suspended.[1][2] People in the area stopped aging or suffering hunger or thirst, but were vulnerable to attacks of people not affected by the item[1] like Doom himself, protected by his armor.[1][2] Once activated, the device was to remain static, at less than five miles from the limits of the Time Displacement Cone.[1] The machine sent recognisable -and traceable- weird electrical disturbances.[2]

The Displacer, shaped like a human-sized steel vice with circuitry and lights, required as a power source a very powerful mystical artifact to work. Doom selected Thor's enchanted hammer Mjolnir for this purpose.[1][2] Doom sent his robotic minion the Time-bot to steal the hammer,[3] then he surreptitiously travelled to Latveria in his ship Gyroscopic Aircraft along with the Time-bot, several Servo-Guards and the dismantled Displacer. They landed in the woods near Doomstadt, where Doom ordered his Servo-Guards to build the machine. Once they finished, the Time-bot placed the hammer in position, Doom activated the device and all movement in the area stopped. Doom left to raid the Castle and confront Vernard, leaving the robots to protect the machine.[1]

Superheroes Hercules and She-Hulk, along with architect Eric Masterson (Thor's human identity at the time) followed Doom's trail to Latveria in an attempt to recover Thor's hammer. They found the Displacer because it was generating electrical disturbances. The robots tried to stop the heroes, but were unable to. Masterson reached the hammer -by pole-vaulting over the Time-bot- and, by taking the hammer from its position by force, he caused a reaction that destroyed the machine in a huge explosion that dismantled the nearby Time-bot. Masterson himself became Thor and was unharmed.[2]

Doom never built a second unit of this machine, as far as is known.[1]

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