The Time Eaters or Time Demons are creatures that exist outside the normal flow of time. They seek for weak spots in the timestream so that they can enter it and consume time,[1] creating a danger for Time Travelers who attempt to go too far back.[2]


History of this race is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Time Eaters can cause chunks of time to disappear, posing great dangers to those for normally experience time linearly.[1]


Exceptionally powerful psychics such as David Haller or Amahl Farouk can harm or destroy individual Time Eaters, possibly persuading the remaining ones to flee.[1]


Habitat: Place outside of time.


The appearance of Time Eaters bears intentional resemblance to the Blue Meanies from the movie Yellow Submarine.

  • However, it's implied their physical appearance from the perspective of certain characters is subjective, having no "true" form, as Switch saw them as resembling "cats".

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