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Time Travelers typically appear as glowing green ethereal figures that strongly resemble Commander Arcturus Rann. They are almost as mysterious as the Enigma Force they serve. They observe, but they do not interfere. They hold great power, but they give it to others to use. The Shadow Priests claimed that they were only shadows next to the light of the Enigma Force.[citation needed]

Obviously, the Time Travelers can move forward and backward in time. They see possible futures, and when they detect a threat to the Microverse, they take steps to counter that threat. In their Temple of Time, they sift through clues and formulate strategies. They are not omniscient; often, their plans do not bear fruit until the last minute, when the fate of the universe may hang in the balance.[citation needed]

They are limited by the abilities of their agents. In Rann's case, when he lost the ability to tap into his subconscious, the Time Travelers had no way to communicate with him, much less manifest their power in him.[citation needed]

As individual entities, they are vulnerable. Baron Karza was able to capture several and drain energy from them.[1] They are also able to act independently of the Enigma Force and travel to other universes.[citation needed]

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