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—TVA motto

The Time Variance Authority or TVA was established by He Who Remains to prevent any divergent branches to the Sacred Timeline in which he won the Multiversal War and thus prevent any other Variants of himself from emerging and challenging him. Other than Miss Minutes,[1] the TVA is staffed by mind-wiped Variants from pruned timelines who believe themselves to be created by the Time-Keepers.[2]


He Who Remains was the only survivor of the Multiversal War between different counterparts of himself. He set up basedin the Citadel at the End of Time, a castle carved out of a solid asteroid that was located outside the timestream of the "Sacred Timeline," which he had isolated from the rest of the Multiverse. In order to prevent any counterparts of himself from coming into existence, he created the Time Variance Authority to prevent the creation of branching timelines.[1]

A judge in the Time Theater in front of the Time-Keepers statues

The role of He Who Remains was hidden from the TVA staff, who were told that Time-Keepers were the ones responsible for its creation and operation. Animatronic robots were created to function as Time-Keepers in front of high-ranking TVA members, such as Judges. Other than Miss Minutes, a personal confidante of He Who Remains, the TVA was entirely staffed by Human Variants from Earth, who were taken from different points in aborted timelines and had their memories erased.[2] These Variants were made to believe that they were created by the Time-Keepers and fulfilled roles such as Minutemen, Hunters, Agents, Analysts and Judges.[3]

TVA Hunters, Minutemen and Agent

Using highly advanced technology, the TVA monitored the "Sacred Timeline" for any deviations, no matter how minor, at which point a team of Hunters and Minutemen would be dispatched to the newly created branch. There, they would apprehend the individual responsible for the deviation, whom they called "Variants", and use Reset Charges to reset or "prune" the timeline branch[4] by moving all affected matter to the Void at the End of Time where the branch could no longer grow.[5] The Variants themselves were brought inside the TVA headquarters, processed and put before the Judges. In more complicated cases however, the Variants responsible could evade capture and thus analysts and agents were employed to track them down via more sophisticated detective methods. TVA staff itself had a large degree of control over time, allowing them to make affected Variants move slower, loop them back into a starting position, restrict their powers via special collars[4] and trap them inside Time Cells. This enabled the TVA staffed entirely by non-powered Humans to capture such dangerous Variants as Titans, Vampires[2] and Asgardians.[4]

The internal structure of the TVA eventually fell apart due to the persistence efforts of the Variant L0852, Sylvie Laufeydottir. Her enchantment powers allowed her to access the memories of original lives of the TVA staff, revealing that they themselves were all Variants. Despite Judge Renslayer's efforts to cover it up by pruning the awakened personnel, the knowledge spread throughout the TVA staff including Hunter C-20, Hunter B-15, Agent Mobius[2] and Hunter D-90.[1] B-15 came to aid Sylvie when she was captured and brought before the Time-Keepers, allowing Sylvie to decapitate one and reveal that they were in fact fake.[2] Ravonna herself remained commited to the cause of the TVA, for which Miss Minutes gave her previously restricted files regarding the TVA's origin. Ravonna then departed the TVA in search of the free will, while awakened personnel including B-15 and Mobius calmly watched as the timeline branched into a multiverse outside of their control.[1]



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